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"Matt has a soft heart for Jesus and his writing and worship shows that.  Whether he's leading your church in worship or pouring into your leaders, Matt Duren will be a win for your church. - MARK HALL (Casting Crowns)

"Backstage worship is a wonderful team of worshipers who come to encourage and equip others to lead. Backstage worship is able to adapt to any style and size congregation. Our entire worship ministry, including the choir, praise team, instrumentalists and tech team, were strengthened as a result of this workshop."  - Danny James (Worship Pastor)

WHAT IS BACKSTAGE WORSHIP?  Basically, it's a custom worship conference that comes to you.  After leading worship for over 20 years, if there is one thing I've learned, it's that I can't do it alone.  We would love to help you and your team with this resource.

We both want for our teams to be operating at the highest level of excellence, passion, and spiritual maturity possible.  Share your heart, struggles, and goals with us, and we will build an event to suit the training needs of your church worship team.  It's more personal than going away to a big event, and produces better results.  

We can do an extended Friday night, all day Saturday experience, or a Friday night or Saturday only experience.  Invite your praise team, tech team, band, choir, youth band, and any future team members you have your eyes on, and let's have an awesome weekend together!